Clinical Research Institute HUS – High-Level International Research

High-Level International Research

Clinical Research Institute HUS supports high-level medical research with its more than 30 years of experience.


Research Services

At HUS, the lifecycle of research carried out with external, private funding is handled at Clinical Research Institute HUS from contract negotiations until the termination of the research.

Monitoring Services

Clinical Research Institute HUS offers monitoring services, i.e. regularly scheduled quality monitoring, for researcher-initiated clinical studies to be conducted at HUS.


All studies carried out with grants and involving HUS patients and/or resources, are administered at Clinical Research Institute HUS.

Archiving / Record Retention

The Clinical Research Institute HUS handles the statutory archiving service for research-related documents.

Financial Administration

Salaries and Fees

Purchase Invoices

Sales Invoices



Tutkijan työpöytä Application

Research Monitoring and Management




Processing of Travel Expense Invoices for Study Subjects


Forms in Use

Clinical Research Institute HUS in Brief

Together with the Meilahti hospitals of the regional hospital HUS and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki, we form an entity that is the largest community in our country conducting research in clinical medicine and is also significant internationally.

Owned by the HUS Group, Clinical Research Institute HUS (HYKS-instituutti) is an efficient and agile organization that produces and develops management services for medical and health sciences research.

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