Financial Administration

Financial Administration

The Financial Administration team is in charge of the processing of sales and purchase invoices, payment of wages and remunerations, and bookkeeping at Clinical Research Institute HUS.

Financial Administration

Financial Administration Services for Research Projects

The Financial Administration at Clinical Research Institute HUS is in charge of the processing of sales and purchase invoices, payment of salaries and remunerations, and bookkeeping.

The finances of the research project are based on the income funding invoiced from the sponsor in accordance with the research agreement and the costs incurred in conducting the measures included in the research agreement. Clinical Research Institute HUS handles all financial transactions for the project; invoices the research sponsor and pays the invoices assigned to the project for the entire duration of the research project. The Financial Administration team also provides the researcher with an electronic report showing the project’s unused balance and an itemization of the project income and expenses by event.

The principal investigator is responsible for the finances and financial monitoring of the research project, as well as for covering any cost overruns.

Processing of Purchase Invoices

The costs of the research project consist of invoices from HUS and other suppliers, as well as personnel costs related to the project.

Project funds are intended only to cover the costs of the research project. If the expense is not related to the project, it cannot be paid as a research project expenditure.

The researcher orders the products and services they need from suppliers in accordance with the research project’s budget, in accordance with the procurement guidelines issued of Clinical Research Institute HUS and HUS. The invoicing address of Clinical Research Institute HUS is provided as the invoicing address and the research unit’s address or another desired address as the delivery address for goods.

The Financial Administration team processes the purchase invoices received for the research and submits them electronically to the principal investigator of the research for approval.

Invoicing Address

Invoices are requested primarily to the e-invoice address and only in exceptional cases by e-mail or on paper.

The invoice must have an indication of the project number from which the invoice will be paid. 


E-invoicing address 003708729672
Operator OpusCapita Solutions Oy
Intermediator code E204503

By email


Paper Invoices

HYKS-instituutti Oy, P.O. Box 710, FI-00029 HUS

In grant projects, buying goods and services from abroad:
please request separate instructions by emailing to: ostolaskut.hyksinstituutti[at]

Additional Information

Accounts payable, tel. 040 626 4616, ostolaskut.hyksinstituutti[at]

Sales Invoices

Invoicing from an External Commissioning Party

Clinical Research Institute HUS invoices the costs of the research project from the commissioning party in accordance with the events, prices and invoicing cycle agreed upon in the commissioning agreement. Invoicing requires confirmation from the commissioning party that the research activities in accordance with the protocol are carried out. The commissioning party shall ensure this either by its own research monitoring or by using a list of visits submitted as invoice attachment by Clinical Research Institute HUS. Any additional costs related to study visits (such as certain imaging costs) and reimbursement of patients’ travel expenses require a separate attachment to the invoice. In some cases, the commissioning party will require a list of all the costs incurred for the project attached to the invoice. Without the appropriate documents attached, the commissioning party will not reimburse the costs incurred.

Additional Information

Accounts Receivable, tel. 040 121 7533, HYKSinstituutti[at]

Accounting and Reporting

Reporting to the Principal Investigator

The researcher can check the financial situation of their research in Clinical Research Institute HUS’s reporting program (HiRo), which shows the income, expenses and remaining balance of the research, as well as the research events from the beginning of the research. The report does not indicate the so-called committed costs of the future, such as monthly salaries to be paid in the future on the basis of employment contracts. The report figures should be compared to the budget and actual study visits.

The party that commissioned the research submits a signed study termination notification to Clinical Research Institute HUS when the research project ends. If the project has unused funds at the end of the study, the researcher must use them as soon as possible, no later than two years after the end of the research. If there are remaining funds in the project, they are used for finalization expenses and the money is to be drawn as salaries/remunerations or, if it is used for purposes other than salary payments or other budgeted costs, a proposal must be submitted by email to Juha Aarvala, CEO of Clinical Research Institute HUS at ext-juha.aarvala[at]

The principal investigator of the research project is responsible for project finances and thus also for the financial monitoring of the project. When conducting financial monitoring, it is good to note the delay in HUS invoicing, which is why the invoices for the previous month’s events (such as visits and salary costs) do not reach the accounting of Clinical Research Institute HUS during the actual period of realization, but are only visible in the events of the following month.

Additional Information

Financial Manager Minna Aromäki, tel. 050 359 6940, ext-minna.aromaki[at] 

Salaries and Fees

Salary/Remunerations Payable to the Employee and the Employer’s Costs

Clinical Research Institute HUS is a private employer and its employment relationships comply with the collective bargaining agreement for the health services sector. Clinical Research Institute HUS acts as the employer of researchers working in research projects. Research team members employed by HUS are automatically granted permissions for a secondary occupation when a research permit is granted. The supervisor of the researchers is the principal investigator in charge of the research project or, in terms of their own employment relationship, the CEO of Clinical Research Institute HUS. Employment contracts are prepared by the personnel secretary.

The principal investigator must provide the personnel secretary with the following information/documents about the employee:

  • a filled-out personal data form
  • job title
  • length of employment relationship
  • 100% salary corresponding to the employment relationship and the individual salary component specified for the employment relationship in question (e.g. 50%)
  • tax card
  • Clinical Research Institute HUS’s project number, for which the salary is paid
  • for the purpose of determining the right to annual leave, copies of the employee’s employment and degree certificates

Salaries and fees are based on the budget of the research project. In addition to the salary or remuneration to be paid, the employer’s statutory social security contributions of 26% or, in the case of salaries including holiday allowance, 42%, are paid.

All absences must be reported immediately to both the supervisor and the personnel secretary of Clinical Research Institute HUS.

The personnel needed for assistance in the research project (such as research nurses, laboratory nurses or research coordinators) are employed by HUS.

HUS pays the employees’ salaries and invoices them monthly in arrears from the research projects of Clinical Research Institute HUS.

The project funds must cover all expenses arising from the employment relationship, including holiday allowance, holiday pay, employer’s social security contributions and HUS’s administrative expenses supplement (employee’s salary + 42%).

The duration of the employment relationship and the costs incurred cannot exceed the duration of the project or the budgeted expenses.


The electronic remuneration invoice form from the Tutkijan työpöytä application can be used in most research projects (not in grant projects). Remuneration payment can be automated in certain research projects if a visit-based electronic budget is in use.

Fees that cannot be applied via the Tutkijan työpöytä application should be submitted with the signature of the principal investigator and tax card to the personnel secretary:
palkat.hyksinstituutti[at] or HYKS-instituutti palkat, P.O Box 710, FI-00029 HUS.

For grant projects, the remuneration payment form and tax card must be submitted to accounts payable: ostolaskut.hyksinstituutti[at] or P.O. Box 710, FI-00029 HUS.

Remunerations are paid twice a month; on the 15th and last business day of the month.

Remuneration Payments through the Tutkijan työpöytä Application

Additional Information

Personnel Secretary, tel. 040 570 4379, palkat.hyksinstituutti[at] 

Insurance Policies for Employees

Clinical Research Institute HUS has taken a worker’s compensation insurance policy for its employees against accidents at work and occupational diseases in Insurance Company If.

In the event of an accident, notify Clinical Research Institute HUS as soon as possible and request an insurance policy certificate. Present the certificate at a medical institution and you will receive the medical care in the case of an accident free of charge.

In addition to the statutory earnings-related pension, accident, unemployment and group life insurances for employees, Clinical Research Institute HUS has taken out travel insurance for the employees, which is valid for business trips.

For business trips abroad, you can ask the financial manager to loan you an insurance card, with which it is possible to receive emergency medical care in certain medical institutions approved by the insurance company.

The company also has the necessary insurance for patient injuries and a liability insurance for its operations.

Accidents at work and occupational diseases at Clinical Research Institute HUS are handled by

Personnel Secretary, tel. + 040 570 4379, palkat.hyksinstituutti[at] 


The forms can be found in the services and forms section of the website: Forms