Clinical Research Institute HUS’s Values

Clinical Research Institute HUS’s Values

Our Values are High Quality and Efficiency, Customer-oriented and Equal Approach, Creativity and Innovation, and Trust and Openness.

Clinical Research Institute HUS’s Values

High Quality and Efficiency

  • We focus on operations that produce results and added value, and we finish what we start
  • We do things simply and efficiently
  • We accelerate the agreement and budget preparation process
  • We act responsibly and consistently
  • We cooperate to find better solutions
  • We manage resources rationally

Customer-oriented and Equal Approach

  • We produce added value for all our stakeholders
  • We think about the customer in our operations
  • We trust in others and build confidential relationships
  • We treat different parties equally, fairly and with respect
  • We solve disputes constructively

Creativity and Innovation

  • We tackle challenges and pursue change proactively
  • We are ready to adapt to future trends and requirements
  • We assess our operating methods and look for new opportunities
  • We are willing and ready to learn something new

Trust and Openness

  • We comply with laws, rules and good research and business practices
  • We shoulder our responsibility for the results of our operations, both our successes and failures
  • We provide clear and honest feedback to the right parties at the right time
  • We are committed to succeeding together