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We work together with our partners to offer high-quality research services that help researchers find better and innovative solutions.


Clinical Research Institute HUCH Ltd administers externally funded clinical trials conducted in the HUS Group (formerly the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) and develops research services in cooperation with HUS and the University of Helsinki.


Research Services

At HUS, the lifecycle of research carried out with external, private funding is handled at Clinical Research Institute HUCH from contract negotiations until the termination of the research.

Monitoring Services

Clinical Research Institute HUCH offers monitoring services, i.e. regularly scheduled quality monitoring, for researcher-initiated clinical studies to be conducted at HUS.


All studies carried out with grants and involving HUS patients and/or resources, are administered at Clinical Research Institute HUCH.

Archiving / Record Retention

The Clinical Research Institute HUCH handles the statutory archiving service for research-related documents.